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The Moss Ranch at Enchanted Rock

By the time your wedding day finally arrives, you've spent months or even years pinning ideas, contacting vendors, and making on-trend décor choices. You've created oodles of lists and plans, rushed to mail out invitations and perhaps spent a lot of time stressing.....

You are constantly dreaming and thinking of your big day...…..

Then suddenly the day comes and it is gone in an instant.

Wouldn't you love to have time stand still long enough to thoroughly enjoy the moments and take it all in without feeling rushed in and out of your venue in a single day?

What if your wedding day could be extended to an entire intimate and relaxing weekend?

One that took place at the beautiful venue of your dreams with your family and friends surrounding you.

And the bonus...

What if this long weekend of celebrating was well within your budget?
When you book the weekend package at The Moss Ranch at Enchanted Rock you'll arrive in the afternoon on the day before your wedding to start decorating. Take as much time as you need for your rehearsal since you won't be rushed away for another event to take place. You can even bring in pre-prepared food for a relaxing meal with your family and wedding party that evening.

The next day you'll be able to focus entirely on preparing for your wedding event making all the moments of the day last as you dance away into the night.

You will avoid the stress and worry of having to abruptly end your reception to whisk everyone off to begin the daunting task of packing your belongings.
Instead, you'll enjoy staying overnight in the charming private suite and bath, sleep in the next day, have some breakfast while you have plenty of time to pack and leave the venue.

Does it sound like we should get to know each other a bit better?

Dive in using the links below, and when you're ready, we can't wait to meet you!

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For your next special occasion or wedding, The Moss Ranch at Enchanted Rock awaits. With a stunning, scenic atmosphere and amenities galore, you won't debate long on making this your venue of choice. Our spacious venue offers everything you need for a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime experience that you can cherish forever. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor weddings and events, the options are endless!


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